Monday, September 22, 2008

Learning 2.0

I answered the following question about Learning 2.0 at Linkedin Answers:

How does Collaborative Learning support/extend existing formal learning? (Asked by Mark Friedman)

My answer (Incidentally Mark selected it as the best answer):

Mark, I am not sure if your question pertains to learning in school/university or learning in the workplace. I'd assume the latter for my answer. Lately I am myself deliberating on this issue: how useful are Web 2.0 collaboration tools in the context of workplace learning, especially in situations where the learning objectives are very specific. Though a sceptic earlier, I am becoming more and more convinced that collaboration can indeed support learning.

Workplace learning always has a performance focus. It is useful only if it is transferred to work. It is here that collaboration tools like discussion boards, blogs and wikis can play a very useful role. After training, when learners go back to their workplace and apply the newly-acquired knowledge and skills to their work, they may have queries, feedback, and comments that they would want to discuss with a subject matter expert or fellow learners. Such discussion may be relevant to other workers as well. Moreover, the comments and feedback from learners may trigger revision of the learning material. The potential of such collaboration for workplace learning is really high.

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