Sunday, June 21, 2009

Technology is Game Changer

I have always considered technology to be the most potent agent of change in various fields of human affairs - administration, communication, entertainment, learning, etc.

Answering a question about the impact of technology on learning at
Linkedin, I wrote:

I disagree with the suggestions that technology is just a tool that aids learning, and that learning would always primarily consist in teacher-student interaction in classrooms.

That is of course true for children’s education, but, hey, children’s education is not just about learning; that is about the broader process of socialization.

I am a big believer in the impact of technology on learning or, for that matter, on most arenas of human affairs. When the technology of 'writing’ was developed in the remote past, it revolutionized not only learning but the whole human civilization. The arrival of calculators rendered rote learning of number tables unnecessary and anachronistic. I have no doubt that computer and web 2.0 technologies are going to completely transform learning, especially adult learning.

As I was reading George Siemens’ article on Connectivism, I realized that many of the processes previously handled by our brain (such as memorizing, number crunching, data analysis) can now be outsourced to, or supported by, technology. Thus, in George Siemens' words, “Technology is altering (rewiring) our brains.”

Isn’t it revolutionary?

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