Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Cutting Edge of eLearning

To have an overview of the current debate and innovation in the field of eLearning, I would make a distinction between the area of eLearning design and that of eLearning delivery and deployment, even though the two areas significantly influence each other.

In the area of design, eLearning designers are now increasingly using media such as video and 3D animations to create authentic, life-like learning experiences, called immersive learning. They are also becoming more conversant with designing learning games.

In the area of eLearning delivery and deployment, I think the following four technologies represent the state of the art:
  • Social learning (Informal learning; Learning 2.0)
  • Mobile learning
  • Embedded learning (learning embedded within applications, EPSS, job aids, process documentation, or reference)
  • Context-aware learning
It is to be noted that the above categories do overlap; for example, mobile learning or embedded learning can also be context-aware.

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